adrian ratcliffe music


The Spirit of Beowulf

Composed, arranged and performed

by Adrian Ratcliffe
I wrote this instrumental for the Beowulf Festival 3-7 May 2018 being held by the banks of the River Deben in Woodbridge, Suffolk. The music interprets the Beowulf legend as the hero Beowulf fights with the forces of evil! Listen and imagine as he fights with the monster Grendel, Grendel's evil mother and the dragon with both triumph and suffering!

Stroll Along The Deben
Music & lyrics by Adrian Ratcliffe.  Written for the Woodbridge (Suffolk, UK) Tide Mill Fundraising Concert in 2016 and sung at the Concert by the critically acclaimed Quattro Amici. Track vocalist is the brilliant tenor Gerry Bremner, aka il Tenore. The full song reached the semi-finals in the 2016 UK Songwriting Contest. The lyrics reached the finals and were one of 10 considered as a possible winner in this International Competition!

Mistletoe And Mince Tart Bling

Music & lyrics by Adrian Ratcliffe & sung by the great Paul Pryce. This is my first Christmas composition and I entered it into the Christmas category of the 2016 UK Songwriting Contest. It's a song dedicated to all those who pretend not to like Christmas but secretly want it to be wonderful! The lyrics reached the semi-finals of the Contest and the full song got a commended entry.